Our mission is your request.


At Slomiak Enterprises, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in, so we work seamlessly alongside our clients to fulfill all requests. Our mission is to help you invest, methodically & intelligently, with comfort and at your own pace.



Investment and Consultancy 

plan, develop and manage 

Having handled such a wide range of projects and clients, we tailor our services to each and every client and investment, whether its buyer's education or evaluation, management or operation. We handle each case with the utmost detail to ensure the best service and maximum return for our clients. 


Purchase, sell and rent 

We are a leading real estate office with over 20 or 30? years of combined experience in helping our clients find their next home. Whether it's a rental or purchase, we will guide you to the perfect property. 


Hospitality Management  

professional operation 

Our successful experience with managing independent hotels has ranged from high-end boutiques to distressed budget properties to full service resorts in the Boston and Cambridge areas. With over twenty years of modern and specialized revenue management strategies, vendor relationships, and market analyses, we guarantee high returns and professional operations. 

Construction and Maintenance  

care free service 

Our experience and relationship with countless design teams, architect firms, & construction groups makes developing with us easy. Our projects cover, commercial & residential renovations & builds, hotel & restaurant developments & upgrades, and even basic house cleaning & repair maintenance, so you can be care free.